Zuzana Rudavska

“In my work, I am inspired by the fact that each material carries its own quality and essence. In many instances the piece’s expression changes according to the light, as it can have solid or translucent expression. By this thought, I approach each piece and use the possibilities of creating contrast between solid and transparent, smooth and textured, steady and flexible.

The combination of strict, basic geometric forms with textured woven or variously interlaced fragments inside of them, allows me to achieve even greater composition contrast.
For me, designing jewelry is like creating a small sculpture. My greatest inspiration is nature, where various materials of various qualities coexist together. I create my jewelry in hope that in this age of technology my piece will reconnect the wearer with nature itself.”

White Crystal Pendant
Amethyst Crystal Pendant II
Citrine Brooch
White Crystal Pendant
Green Crystal Brooch
Golden Crystal Bracelet
Fluorite Crystal Pendant