Meet Eva Pobjecka, the owner of PIECE Art Gallery

Eva can still remember the sensation of walking into a glass gallery a few short years after arriving in the United States.  She was reminded once again of the magic she knew so well. The light that danced through the glass with such ease swirled around inside of her, bringing her back to her childhood, her family and her distant homeland, Slovakia.

Eva grew up in a family of glassmakers.   Her mother and father both worked in a glass factory in the small town of Lednicke Rovne making traditional Slovakian stemware.  Eva worked in the factory as a teenager.  Her summer job was to help move the finished stemware from the glassmaker to the annealing oven.  “I will never forget that wonderful burnt smell of the wooden molds used in forming the stemware”.

As a young adult, Eva studied art history and was employed in the Museum of History working with medieval art.  She then spent a brief period with the Museum of Glass in Slovakia.  “I touched and studied old roman glass cups and other historical glass items.”

Glass is integral and familiar to Eva’s life.  It has always been there.   Eva feels a deep connection to the dedicated artists and artisans who work to transform the glass into beautiful pieces of art.  She feels so compelled by it that it may in fact be her ‘destiny’ to bring these works of art to a curious and appreciative audience.  “I want to show and tell people all about this unique medium and about the amazing artists creating with it.”

With the closure of Pismo Fine Art Glass of Vail, where Eva worked as director for the past thirteen years, it is natural that Eva would take on the new and exciting adventure of opening her own gallery.

While at Pismo, Eva was blessed with the opportunity to deepen her relationship, not only with the art of glass, but with the art of other mediums as well.  She has made enduring friendships with the artists who create the works, and with the collectors who bring the cherished pieces to their homes.

It is this legacy and inspiration that Eva takes with her into her PIECE Art Gallery.