Zach Yuskanich

“I am a glass artist with a MFA with a focus on glass, from Southern Illinois University. During my studies, I spent a summer in Murano Italy, at Abeta Zanetti Glass School.
 Later going on, I worked for other great glass artists, to further my education as an assistant.  Now, as an artist, I draw from what I know and enjoy.  For me, art conveys a different emotion for different people.  Growing up, art was always a therapy for me. I enjoyed creating because of the way it made me feel.  Now, I concentrate on what makes me feel good and explore what it is and why.”

Big Gray
Big Gray_Detail
Large Blue
SOLD Large Green-Red
Small Amber
SOLD Small Blue
SOLD - Large Gray
Small Amber II.
SOLD - Large Blue
SOLD - Small Blue
SOLD - Tall Amber