Walker Elliot

After graduating from Bangor University with a psychology degree, Elliot Walker discovered glass. With its vast spectrum of colour and texture, its ability to mimic other materials, it provides Walker with the ultimate palette to create his three dimensional compositions and sculptures.

Based in London, Walker exploits the molten glass to produce works of luminous quality and eggshell delicacy, his aim is to transform the liquid glass into unexpected forms and figures.

In his own words; ‘A theme that runs through all of my work is the presence of a skin, either as a container of things, a veneer to hide things or as a protective layer to shield vulnerable things’

Elliot Walker is one of the UK’s finest rising glass stars and in his relatively short glass blowing career, has already become one of the most active and inspiring artists of his generation. When not making his own art works, Walker is in huge demand for demonstrations, an opportunity to showcase his mastery of his medium. He is also part of the maverick and highly kinetic group ‘Bandits of Glass’. Where the process is more important than the final object, where convention is very much left behind.

White Orange
SOLD Fever Dream
SOLD Black Composition with Lime