Trenchard Stephanie

“Like poetry, the pieces tell stories without narratives. In the spirit of folk art, the imagery that I create is intuitive and speaks of my own fascination with home, nature, sexuality, art making, and death.
I tend to follow my interests in choosing a subject. I am fascinated with the early modern movement within Russia, constructivism and cubism. Within each subject I find a relationship between women and the process of making art. The intellectual movement of the time as it relates to the decorative and domestic arts of the period often reflects the influence of women artists. I then create a portrait that captures this expression and from that I find many fundamental truths about what it means to be a woman making art.
My pieces are also always about the moment; all the sensual and intellectual factors that define a particular time. I’m trying to capture the brief nature of ripeness, fertility and richness on many levels. The swiftness of life is also the beauty of it.”

SOLD Reclaiming Lolita
Teapot Series
SOLD On My Mind Series I.
SOLD On My Mind Series III
SOLD - S.Trenchard_9 teapots
SOLD - Bluebird
SOLD - Teapot Series
SOLD - Dynamics
SOLD - Transformation