Demetra Theofanous

My tenuous journey in finding glass has informed my work, as I battled obstacles both internal and external, before finding this path. While some obstacles persist, I seek to express that need to be true to self, through my work.
My signature is a technique I developed for weaving glass, which allows me to create large scale sculptures by melting glass in the flame at a table top torch. Technique merges with narratives in my work, to express metaphorical bridges between nature and human beings. Inspired by the storytelling tradition of woven tapestry and basketry, I see myself as weaving with glass to connect the viewer with the story of the natural world. Through the delicate nests, flowers, branches, and leaves in each piece, I seek to depict the cycle of life: growth, discovery, change and renewal. I use the fluidity and fragility of glass to express the beauty and vulnerability inherent in the human experience. I also consider the effect of time and choice and their impact on personal growth. My eggs, buds, and flowers are key elements that evoke this notion of rebirth, becoming, and transformation of self.
My most recent work is an evolution from representational nests, or habitats, to vessels and continues to build upon the notion of transformation of self. Container serves as metaphor, contrasting protection and constraint, and the ultimate consequence on our personal path and growth.

Nest 1
Nest 2
Demetra Theofanous - Blue Floral branch with nest
SOLD Blue Floral branch with nest
SOLD Blue Floral branch with nest_detail
SOLD - Liberate Suppress
SOLD - In an Instant