Tim Shaw

My ‘Slash and Cut’ Series take traditional blown forms that I slash and cut with my diamond saw to carve and sculpt the surface. The holes in the piece serve to challenge the viewers’ concept of the vessel as well as allowing the object to be viewed simultaneously from within and without. This process is dangerous and exhilarating at the same time. Whilst I start with a vague plan of attack, the piece often dictates the carving process, and all too often the vessel ceases to exist because I overstep the line, and end up with a pile of broken glass! This radical approach to carving glass, results in works that are steeped in raw energy, yet possess a refined elegance. This balance between form and fragility, coupled with the pieces’ transparency, colour and surface texture allow me to create objects that are uniquely beautiful.

High Alps
Late Summer
SOLD Sunflower Vase
Composition in Yellow
Paradise Contained RA
SOLD - Waldsassen