Randall Doug

“My greatest influences have been the 20th century pre- and post-modern artists: principally Picasso and Mondrian because of the way they used lines and colors.  In my work, I like overlaying color and creating dimension.  The intricate design draws the eyes of the viewers to certain quadrants, letting them free to interpret the work on their own.
All of my work is envisioned subconsciously.  My only job is to transform this vision into a design.  My conception of color is very simple.  It brings to mind a saying: “In nature, all colors are harmonious, and they all get along quite nicely together!”
My work deals with both balance and chaos, much like the world that we live in.  Out of balance comes chaos; out of chaos comes balance. L’art: c’est la vie!”

SOLD Jingle Jangle Basket
Glass Basket
SOLD - Cerrador II basket
SOLD - Gabriele Basket
SOLD - New Balance