Lowry Marianne

The first time I saw a glass blowing demonstration I was a young child. I was instantly enthralled. I didn’t want to leave. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. These amazing forms being magically created from something like an extra thick gooey multi-colored caramel. A 2000-degree caramel! As I began to work with glass, I quickly learned that the real challenge is creating forms and shaping pieces using tools that sometimes are quite remote from our hands. The precision, the timing, the concentration required in blowing and forming glass fit my meticulous personality perfectly. Glass blowing requires long apprenticeships and schooling. Although my many years of schooling and workshops are in my distant past, I continue to learn by doing every day. For the kind of work, I am doing currently, it’s also a reminder that nature nurtures us in mysterious ways. Currently, I am infatuated with the ocean. Personally, I’m nervous to be in the ocean but its beauty is undeniable. I love the colors, reflections, and movements you get from the ocean and the creatures in it. Glass is the perfect material to represent this beauty because of its transparent qualities. I hope you can feel the sense of calm infused into my current work. My greatest delight is bringing a sense of strong yet somehow playful and relaxing color to my sculptures. Even better: knowing they become a beloved and treasured artful moment in the daily life

Celebration - front view
Celebration - back view
SOLD Coral Blue - horizontal view
SOLD Coral Blue - vertical view
SOLD Coral Amber - vertical view
SOLD Coral Amber - horizontal view
SOLD Hana - front view
SOLD Hana - back view