Janacek Vlastislav

Czech glass artist Vlastislav Janacek graduated from the School of Arts and Design in Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic in 1981. He studied under Vladimir Klein, the director of the school, a well respected artist who studied with Libensky in Prague. Janacek has been an independent glass artist since 1999, creating a body of work in optical glass. He uses lamination techniques to combine forms and layers of clear and colored glass, which are then finished with cutting and polishing methods.

Small Argo III.
Small Argo III and IV.
Small Argo IV.
Small Argo VI.
Small Argo V.
SOLD Adelka 3
SOLD Small Argo 2
SOLD Poupatko 3
SOLD - Kohoutek
SOLD - Adéla
SOLD - Faust and Mephistotheles
SOLD - Konik