Enszo Joseph

“My aesthetic is a unique intersection of three components: Italian decorativeness, Eastern simplicity, and a reference to natural science.”

The vibrancy and visual splendor of glass has inspired highly decorative techniques throughout history. Joseph Enszo brings to this medium a background in ceramics and a decade spent living in Asia, where he was inspired by traditions that emphasize minimalism and natural elegance. He applies experimentation and scientific processes to glass, which lead him to new discoveries and inform his designs.

Joseph Enszo’s work begins with elements of traditional Italian glassblowing such as zanfirico cane and murrini. However, he has completely re-engineered the processes by which these elements have traditionally been made. His new techniques result in unique, refined effects and a great reduction of energy use. These techniques continue to evolve through research and trial and error.

Joseph Enszo holds a bachelor of fine art degree with an emphasis in ceramics. He is an emerging studio artist who has worked and studied in the ceramics and glass industries for more than 15 years.art.

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