Curtis Matthew

“This work continues the development of sculptural objects, using multiple glass elements to build larger forms. The process of making the glass elements is pared back. The individual, yet incrementally sized elements are amassed. Then, fused into simplified geometric form, or set into architecturally inspired stainless armatures. The objects describe intersecting and vanishing lines, whilst the sheltered spaces beckon, defined by the glass facets and molten edges in these arching and reaching forms. This work draws upon an ongoing fascination with the structure and architecture of biological growth; where the scaffolding of similar cellular forms describes fascinating and complex structures.”

Neo and Green Incline
Red Contour
Brown Vessel - front view
Brown Vessel - back view
Red Vessel_side view
Red Vessel_front view
Submerso Cellular Structure II.
Cellular Structure I. and II.
Submerso Cellular Structure I.
SOLD - Neodymium and Red Section 1606
SOLD - Blue and Aqua Section 1517
SOLD - Aqua and Red 1604